How to Find Everyone Born in a Month From Full Dates in an Access Query?

Answer Creating a query in Microsoft Access allows you to select just the data you want from the database. Once that query is created, users can easily click that query to find the answers they need, with... Read More »

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How to Find Blank Date Records in Access Query?

Find blank date records in the Access query by adding criteria that filters out these records. Access queries help you extract data out of your database. Criteria help you refine the query result... Read More »

How to Remove Duplicates From Access Query?

Use Access to work with volumes of data in a database. Access lets you convert massive data into queries and report. The queries let you ask a question of the data in your database. Use the quer... Read More »

How do I delete a query from a table in Access 2003?

Open the database that contains the query you want to delete. Make sure that all existing table object in the database have been closed.Click the "Queries" button under the Object bar to the left o... Read More »

How to Pull a Query From the Last 3 Months in Access?

Use Access queries to extract data from your database. Extracting date information can be done when you use a formula in your query. The formula can be entered in the Criteria field to refine the i... Read More »