How to Find Everyone Born in a Month From Full Dates in an Access Query?

Answer Creating a query in Microsoft Access allows you to select just the data you want from the database. Once that query is created, users can easily click that query to find the answers they need, with... Read More »

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How to Find Blank Date Records in Access Query?

Find blank date records in the Access query by adding criteria that filters out these records. Access queries help you extract data out of your database. Criteria help you refine the query result... Read More »

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How do I add a query in Access?

InstructionsCreating a query in Microsoft Office Access allows you to complete two types of tasks. You can create a "Select" query that gathers, collates and presents database information in a view... Read More »

What Is Query in MS Access?

Microsoft Access is a personal database product. When you have built a database and filled it with data elements, the query function enables you to ask questions of the content of the database. Que... Read More »