How to Find Energy from Burning Hydrogen?

Answer All chemical reactions involve a gain or loss of energy as the molecules reconfigure themselves. Some chemical bonds are more stable than others and require less energy to exist. One of the most st... Read More »

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Is hydrogen a renewable energy source?

Hydrogen is a renewable energy source. Hydrogen energy can be produced from wind sources, photovoltaic sources, water oxidation and a number of other technologies. Hydrogen is one of the most abund... Read More »

The Advantages of Hydrogen Energy in Cars?

The use of hydrogen has many advantages from how it behaves as an element in nature, how it is produced and how it functions as an energy carrier for a car. Being such a bountiful element with the ... Read More »

Do you believe that burning sage gets rid of bad energy?

I am a Christian and I do not believe that it is wrong unless you put more faith in your sage burning than you do in Christ. If you do not believe in Christ that you can do what ever you will. If... Read More »

What kind of energy is used in burning wood?

Burning wood converts its matter into a type of kinetic energy called thermal energy. As wood is heated, the molecules of which it consists increase in random movement, which raises the overall lev... Read More »