How to Find Elevation?

Answer Knowing the elevation of your home is a fun fact and gives you a bit of geological credibility. If you live near the sea or in a floodplain, however, this tidbit of knowledge can save you thousands... Read More »

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My blueprints show my ceiling elevation at 102.69' and floor elevation at 92.19' what does that mean?

The elevation measurements are relative to a common reference point. The blueprints should also indicate what that reference point is. It could be a surveyor's post somewhere on the lot. But if y... Read More »

How to Find the Angle of Elevation Without a Calculator?

In mathematics, the angle of elevation is the angle between the horizontal line and the line of sight to an object above it, such as the top of a building or tree. You can find the angle of elevati... Read More »

What Is the Elevation of Timberline?

Timberline Ski Lodge lies on Mount Hood, Oregon's tallest mountain. Mount Hood's peak stands 11,235 feet above sea level. Timberline Lodge is at 6,000 feet, and its trails span almost 3,700 feet, f... Read More »

A Comparison of Altitude & Elevation?

Altitude and elevation are two terms often used synonymously. In the United States, both are measured in feet while other countries use meters. While the use of each term depends on the field and/o... Read More »