How to Find Duplicate SQL Records?

Answer Well-designed relational databases provide safeguards for preventing data duplication. Unfortunately, sometimes data is imported from sources that do not have such safeguards. In addition, sometime... Read More »

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How do i eliminate duplicate records in excel?

Choose the DataSelect the column from which you want to remove duplicates, or click inside a cell in the range of cells you want to filter.Filter the DataGo to the "Data" menu in Excel 2003. Point ... Read More »

How to Delete Duplicate Records in Oracle?

Duplicate rows in Oracle can only be differentiated by their rowids.

How to find original or duplicate?

I think there is only one solution of this problem.You need to see if there is a Apple hologram underneath th i-pod.If there is a hologram which says Apple and some information in it then it is ori... Read More »

How to Find Duplicate Lines in Vim?

Vim is arguably the most powerful text editor available for UNIX-like systems, and is the go to standard for many programmers because of the vast array of features and customization choices. Using ... Read More »