How to Find Dosage Recommendations for Medicine?


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What is dosage of Cardene Dosage ?

The dose of CARDENE SR should be individually adjusted according to the blood pressure response beginning with 30 mg two times daily. The effective doses in clinical trials have ranged from 30 mg t... Read More »

How to Find a Good Internal Medicine Doctor?

Internal medicine concentrates on treating and prevent disease within adults. Doctors who practice internal medicine also provide primary care to adults, offering them annual physical exams, diagno... Read More »

Do you find yourself cutting out people from your life that keep talking about alternative medicine?

I don't, because those people in my family or among my friends who still have warm fuzzy feelings about alternative medicine (the most you can have, in the absence of proof) know better now than to... Read More »

How do I find a place to cheaply fill one month's blood pressure medicine?

Shop around. Go from one pharmacy to the other, and get comparisons.It might even be possible that the drug manufacturer would give you a free supply for one month till your insurance kicks in. ... Read More »