How to Find Domains on Graphs & Put Them in Function Notation?

Answer A key skill in Algebra involves determining which values of "x" are permissible, and which simply cannot be plugged into a function. For instance, when you are working with the function "y=1/x," yo... Read More »

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How to Test the Notation of a Line to Verify If Its a Function or Linear Equation?

Linear equations are functions of the form y=ax+b, in which x is a first-degree variable, not raised to any exponential powers greater than 1. You can use the characteristic form of a linear equati... Read More »

How to Find the Domains of Functions in Math?

Functions are mathematical relationships that involve one or more unknown numbers, or variables, commonly represented by the numbers x, y or other letters. Finding the domain of a function is a com... Read More »

How to Find "Y" in Graphs?

Students begin learning how to graph basic math functions as early as elementary school. Graphs have an important application in mathematical functions in providing an image of two equations. This ... Read More »

How to Find the Point of Intersection of Graphs F(X)=G(X)?

Finding points of intersection of two functions is a common exercise in Algebra I and II, since it demonstrates the usefulness of solving equations. Find the intersection of two functions f(x) and ... Read More »