How to Find Domain From an Equation?

Answer Linear equations have a set of values that can be put into the equation to satisfy the expression in the form of x and y variables. The value for y is a function of x. For example, f(x) = 2x means ... Read More »

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How to Find the Domain of a Function Defined by an Equation?

In mathematics, a function is simply an equation with a different name. Sometimes, equations are called functions because this allows us to manipulate them more readily, substituting full equations... Read More »

How to Find Slope of a Line From an Equation?

A straight line equation gives a mathematical description of the relationship between two variables. These are usually designated as the "x" or independent variable, which is the parameter we have ... Read More »

How to Find an Ordered Pair From an Equation?

Equations express relationships between variables and constants. The solutions to two-variable equations consist of two values, known as ordered pairs, and written as (a, b) where "a" and "b" are r... Read More »

How to Find the IP From a Computer Name in the Domain?

Every computer that belongs to a network domain has a name, referred to as a "host name." A host name is comprised of the name of the individual local computer followed by the name of the internet ... Read More »