How to Find Device's Mac Address in Linux?

Answer In the Linux operating system, each network interface for a protocol in the 802 family of standards has a unique Medium Access Control (MAC) address. The MAC address is encoded in the interface's h... Read More »

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Linux Input Devices?

Linux lets interested individuals use an operating system free of monetary cost, but at another kind of price. The specific mechanics of the operating system differ among Linux distributions. Addit... Read More »

Is TCP/IP protocol set of all the devices like Windows,Mobiles,Linux,Unix,MAC OS sameidentical?

Yes. Protocol was invented just for that.~

Where do printer host names come that usually get entered into port name or ip address in devices and printers?

Host names are a static setting within the printer itself, software does not by itself configure a Host name.Printers that are network capable will have a default Host name already setup and config... Read More »

How to Set Up a Static IP Address in Linux?

IP addressing represents a way to define a particular computer in the Internet. Often a computer automatically gets a dynamic IP address that changes each time you log into the network. The static ... Read More »