How to Find Data Sources for Your Research?

Answer Good research depends upon identifying appropriate, relevant and credible data sources for the information on which to base the research. There is a plethora of information available nowadays which... Read More »

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How to Integrate Sources Into the Text of Your Research Paper?

A research paper should provide insight about a topic from an original perspective. The paper is essentially the writer's platform to inform the audience of his or her thoughts. As such, a research... Read More »

How to Complete the Research Sources Section of a Research Paper?

Compiling the information necessary for the resource portion of a research paper really only requires a few steps. Before beginning, the task may seem complex and time consuming, with a little bit ... Read More »

How to File Your Data in Historical Research?

Historical Research SeriesA person can be an expert Historical Researcher, but if he/she can’t find the data at a moment’s notice then the research is not worth a dime. Without a good filing sy... Read More »

How to Use Research Sources on wikiHow?

wikiHow editors are strongly encouraged to add references to articles they edit. An important part of creating an accurate and authoritative how-to manual is using good source materials when writin... Read More »