How to Find Cracks in Cast Iron?

Answer In comparison to iron, cast iron is particularly brittle and prone to cracking. Iron can be cast with graphite or carbon, for example, but the color of the alloy varies depending on the metal compo... Read More »

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Should a cast iron pot or dutch oven be seasoned with oil in the same way as a cast iron skillet?

Is iron from cast-iron pans absorbed by the body?

On One Hand: Food Absorbs Iron from Cast-Iron CookwareAccording to Dr. Andrew Weil, cast-iron cookware does leach iron into food, and it is an advantage to people who don't get enough iron in their... Read More »

How to Cure Cast Iron?

Curing cast iron is an essential part of keeping cast iron functional. To season cast iron cookware, you have to treat it with an oil or shortening and heat it in an oven. This process preserves yo... Read More »

How to Resurface a Cast-Iron Tub?

Old-fashioned bathtubs are usually cast-iron bodies topped with baked-on porcelain. When that porcelain gets old and worn, you can't realistically bake another coat on, but you can top it with an e... Read More »