How to Find Clean, Healthy Sashimi?

Answer Sashimi is a typical Japanese cuisine which consists of raw seafood. Sashimi is very delicious, but considering that it is raw, there are some precautions you must be aware of before eating your sa... Read More »

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How to Eat Fugu Sashimi?

Fugu sashimi is blowfish - poisonous blowfish - eaten in some Japanese sushi restaurants. It isn't legal in many places but where it is, you can risk it. Here is how to eat it and live to tell the ... Read More »

How to Make Sashimi?

This delightfully simple yet elegant Japanese delicacy consists purely of very fresh, raw fish. It’s served in ¼-inch thick, rectangular slices with soy sauce for dipping and, optionally, a few ... Read More »

How to Cut Hamachi for Sashimi?

Tuna is one of the primary menu items in sushi and its sibling cuisine, sashimi. Sushi is either cooked or raw fish mixed with vinegared rice, while "sashimi" is cuts of raw fish without any additi... Read More »

How to Clean an AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag?

The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag is designed to sling over your shoulder and nestle along the middle of your back, helping with posture. The bag isn't large, so you can't over stuff content into the b... Read More »