How to Find Athletic Sweat Pants that are Stylish?

Answer While dressing down is essential when exercising, no woman wants to look like a slouch after working out. That's why finding athletic pants that are stylish is essential for the modern woman's ward... Read More »

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Where can i find undershirts that are completely sweat resistance?

This website should help. These shirts are a special sweat proof undershirt that blocks underarm sweat and odor

How to Make Your Own Sweat Pants?

If you want to make your own sweat pants, you do not need to buy a pattern. You can simply use your favorite old pair of sweat pants. Always wash and dry fabrics before you cut and sew the material... Read More »

How can I turn yoga pants into a cute and stylish everyday outfit?

You should try wearing comfy casual dresses or leggings with whatever. I avoid ribbed tanks. I think they look kind of trashy, but like you said, you pretty much just wear them in the house anyway.... Read More »

Where Can I Find Beatle Boots That Go With My Stove-Pipe Pants And Nehru Jacket, Dangit?

There's a pair in the back of my closet I think. You can have them, if they fit. I doubt it, I'm pretty little.I think I still have my humongous silver Peace Sign on a beaded string too, you want m... Read More »