How to Find Areas of Circles?

Answer The area of a circle is a measure of the space contained within a circle. You may be required to find this quantity in a middle school, high school or college math class. This skill may also come i... Read More »

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How to Find Surface Areas?

Surface area is the measure of a three-dimensional object's entire exterior space. A "surface area" measurement is slightly different than an "area" or "volume" measurement. Area is the measure of ... Read More »

How to Find Triangles With Equal Areas?

In mathematics, a triangle is defined as a polygon with three sides and the sum of its three angles equaling 180 degrees. There are many types of triangles including acute, obtuse, right and equila... Read More »

How to Find the Areas of Trapezoids & Parallelograms?

A polygon is a geometric figure bounded by only straight lines. A trapezoid is a four-sided polygon with two parallel sides. The parallel sides are known as the bases of the figure. A parallelogram... Read More »

How to Find Polynomials for Perimeters & Areas?

Word problems commonly call for students to find the area or perimeter of a specific shape. It provides specific numerical values for lengths and widths. A polynomial formula takes those values and... Read More »