How to Find Angles With a Framing Square And a Tangent Table?

Answer A framing square consists of a long arm and short arm that meet at a right angle. The long arm is the body and the short arm is the tongue of the framing square. A tangent table is a list of angula... Read More »

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Framing Square Tricks?

A framing square, also known as a steel square, is one of the staples of the carpenter's toolbox. Not only can it be used to determine right angles, it is also used to calculate the length and angl... Read More »

Principles of a Framing Square?

Most do-it-yourself carpenters are familiar with at least one basic principal of a steel or framing square. That idea is the right angle. You can also use a framing square to calculate any angle, s... Read More »

How to Find an Angle's Tangent?

Along with two other important trigonometric functions, the sine and the cosine, the tangent is a ratio of sides of a right-angled triangle. It measures the ratio of the opposite side (often called... Read More »

How to Find Equations of Tangent Lines?

A tangent line touches a curve at one and only one point. The equation of the tangent line can be determined using the slope-intercept or the point-slope method. The slope-intercept equation in alg... Read More »