How to Find Alumni of Mount Aloysius?

Answer Mount Aloysius College is a Catholic institution founded in 1853 in Cresson, Pennsylvania. The college is sponsored by the Religious Sisters of Mercy. There are currently over 13,000 graduates from... Read More »

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What is the origin of name Aloysius?

According to Think Baby Names, the name "Aloysius" is of Old German origin. The name, which means "famous warrior," was commonly given to boys in Italy during the Middle Ages.References:Think Baby ... Read More »

What sesame street character's first name is aloysius?

I think that it is a nice name so they made that name into sesame street!

What is an alumni association?

An alumni association is a network of graduates of an academic institution or former employees of a business. Within schools, these groups allow those who matriculated to keep in touch, as well as ... Read More »

Is alumni singular or plural?

Alumni is the plural form of alumnus. An alumnus is a graduate from any given educational institution and is the Latin word for "pupil" or "foster son." A term such as "the alumni" denotes all the ... Read More »