How to Find Alternatives to Even Weave Fabric for Embroidery Projects?

Answer It may not always be possible for you to use even-weave fabric either due to lack of availability or simply because you desire a different appearance for your embroidery project. This article will ... Read More »

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How to Find Embroidery Fabric?

The type of embroidery fabric you want may determine your ease in finding it. For example, if you are looking for Aida cloth---the most common fabric for embroidery according to the Simply Blackwor... Read More »

How to Choose Embroidery Fabric?

There are many different types of embroidery fabric. Some embroidery fabrics work better for certain patterns, depending on what you are making. When you are looking for embroidery fabric, the fo... Read More »

How to Mount Fabric in an Embroidery Hoop?

Embroidery hoops are used to keep an embroidery project taut as you work it. The aim is to avoid puckering the fabric which can result in uneven and unsightly stitches. This article demonstrates ho... Read More »

How to Remove Blood from Embroidery Fabric?

Embroidery work is fiddly and requires much patience. On occasion, you might also slip and prick your finger with the needle, causing blood to fall on the piece you're working on. Quick thinking an... Read More »