How to Find Alternatives to De Clawing Your Cat?

Answer While declawing your cat can be a quick and simple way to solve many of the problems that comes with cats (destruction of property, harm to humans or other pets), there are times that a cat cannot ... Read More »

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How to Stop a Cat from Clawing Furniture?

Oh yeah baby! Thanks for the cat gym!Clawing of furniture and other household furnishings, rugs, and objects is destructive behavior from your point of view. Yet, from the cat's point of view, it's... Read More »

How to Use AlternativeTo.Net to Find Alternatives?

AlternativeTo.netYour life is full of decisions, some that are hard to make. AlternativeTo.Net can help you with some of your software decisions.

How to Find Alternatives to Using Mothballs?

Traditional mothballs contain chemicals that effectively kill moths with their fumes, but you may not want to store these toxic substances with your clothes. The alternative is using substances eas... Read More »

How to Find Carbon Offset Alternatives?

Carbon offsets are a large and varied market, and often, one can be unsure where their money is actually going to. Carbon offset alternatives are carbon dioxide pollution permits that companies hav... Read More »