How to Find Absorptivity Using Wavelength?

Answer Spectrophotometry is an analytical technique used in chemistry to determine the concentration of an analyte in solution. The Beer-Lambert law governs spectrophotometry. This law defines the relatio... Read More »

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What is the wavelength of the longest wavelength light that can be seen with the human eye?

The longest wavelength of light visible to the human eye is red and is between 620 to 780 nanometers in length. The shortest wavelength of light visible to the human eye is violet and is between 40... Read More »

BBC radio 1 wavelength?

How to Calculate Wavelength?

Wavelength is the distance of one frequency wave peak to the other, and is most commonly associated with the electromagnetic spectrum. It is actually very easy to work out the wavelength. Read on t... Read More »

What wavelength is BBC wales?