How to Filter a URL Address With Linksys?

Answer Linksys routers include an access restriction feature that allows you to filter and block access to specific website's addresses, or URLs. This feature prevents everyone behind the Linksys device o... Read More »

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How to Reset the IP Address on a Linksys Wireless G?

A Linksys wireless router obtains an IP address from a broadband modem. While each computer and device on a network receives a local IP address, the IP address obtained from the modem is used on b... Read More »

How do I acquire a network address with Linksys?

Open your computer's web browser and type "" This is the default IPv4 network address for all Linksys brand routers. An IPv4 network address is the most commonly used Internet protocol; ... Read More »

My Linksys Wireless Adapter keeps acquiring network address?

If your router has no security on it....try logging in to it using a ethernet/network cable and enter the routers IP address into your browser.If it does not work, try changing your IP address to a... Read More »

How do i reset the mac address settings when I am locked out of my linksys router?

You could try resetting the router to default settings and then start over.On the back of the device is a tiny push button. Hold that in for 10 seconds or so and all things go back to 'stock'.Requ... Read More »