How to Filter Sediment from Water Using Rusco Filters?

Answer Rusco Filter SystemsRusco sediment filters, are reusable water filter systems that uses centrificual force and gravity to rid your water of sediment. High levels of Sediment in water can cause prob... Read More »

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How Does Sediment Effect Water Sheds?

The effects of nature work to alter soil and rock formations and ultimately reshape the Earth's surface. Sediment formations contribute to this overall surface landscape. The effects of sediment on... Read More »

How do I flush out the sediment in a water heater?

Examine the Water HeaterExamine your water heater to determine if it is electric or gas powered. Turn power switches to the "Off" position, and shut off electricity or gas to the unit before procee... Read More »

Tips on Removing Sediment From a Hot Water Heater?

Tap water naturally contains a number of minerals that can create a problem for hot water heaters. Hot water heaters feature a vertical rod, called an anode rod, which runs down the length of the i... Read More »

I have low water pressure and my faucets sometimes burp air but no sediment. Is it my pump or my well?

You sound like you need a new pressure tank. The ugly galvanized thing beside where your water pump is.