How to Filter Sediment from Water Using Rusco Filters?

Answer Rusco Filter SystemsRusco sediment filters, are reusable water filter systems that uses centrificual force and gravity to rid your water of sediment. High levels of Sediment in water can cause prob... Read More »

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Tips on Removing Sediment From a Hot Water Heater?

Tap water naturally contains a number of minerals that can create a problem for hot water heaters. Hot water heaters feature a vertical rod, called an anode rod, which runs down the length of the i... Read More »

Does using a filter remove fluoride from tap water?

Not all water filters effectively remove fluoride from tap water. However, two types of water filters, the activated alumina filter and the reverse-osmosis water filter, will remove more than 90 pe... Read More »

Do activated charcoal water filters remove dioxins from water?

Home Water Pro states that activated charcoal filters are effective at removing dioxins from water. Dioxins are often a by-product of herbicides and can be harmful to the kidneys, liver and lungs.R... Read More »

Do Brita filters clean lead from water?

Brita filters can reduce the amount of lead in water, but they do not completely remove it. Brita's faucet filters meet the revised NSF International certification standards for lead reduction; its... Read More »