How to Filter Sand Dust From an Aquarium?

Answer An aquarium contains many different components, including a bed of sand. There are several types of sand available for use in an aquarium. These include blasting sand, play sand and coral sand. Ove... Read More »

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Does the intex sand filter have to be protected from rain?

No. It is fine out in the open. After all it was made to be splashed upon ! They are only concerned about winter and keeping it dry and warm. After all, what do you think would happen to it if that... Read More »

How to Change the Sand in a Triton Sand Filter?

When your pool sand is old and no longer filters the pool water to a crystal clear state, it is time to change the sand in your Triton sand filter. The filter tank is the part that contains the san... Read More »

How do I change the sand in a Hayward sand filter?

Preliminary StepsTurn off the pump. Remove the filter-control valve from the top of the filter canister containing the sand. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the tank, and let all the water... Read More »

How to Put Sand in My Freshwater Aquarium?

Freshwater fish make relaxing pets that most everyone can enjoy. Make your freshwater aquarium a more natural habitat by using sand in the base. Some fish and most plants prefer sand in a freshwate... Read More »