How to Filter Oil to 3 Microns for Diesel?

Answer A Diesel engine works by fuel being injected into the combustion chamber at a high pressure, then being compressed more which causes the fuel to ignite and expand. The high pressures necessary for ... Read More »

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How Do I Change a Diesel Fuel Filter on a Duramax Diesel?

The Duramax Diesel is the engine used for General Motors' heavy-duty trucks. This engine is capable of great power and efficiency. To ensure that the engine is consistently providing power and fuel... Read More »

Do all new diesel trucks come with a diesel particulate filter?

In January 2010, the California Air Resources Board enforced new laws to reduce the particulate matter from diesel truck exhaust. Diesel trucks now come with a diesel particulate filter, or must ha... Read More »

Can a Screw-On Oil Filter Be Used to Filter Diesel Fuel?

The fuel system of a diesel powered engine relies on the fuel filters to separate and trap foreign substances from the fuel before it reaches the engine.

How to Filter Diesel?

Diesel engines use a fuel that contains gasoline mixed with oil. The oil serves as both coolant and lubricant. This self-lubricating design makes diesel engines very durable, but they are also very... Read More »