How to Film a music video with 1 camera?

Answer It's really difficult doing it with one camera. However, my suggestion would be to take multiple shots of the same take. But you can do it a few seconds at a time and then mix it up. For instance, ... Read More »

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How to Film Videos with a Video Camera and Put Them on YouTube?

Did you ever wonder how those people get ten thousands of views every day? Simple. They buy a video camera, video tape themselves or something virally interesting and throw it on YouTube. Keep read... Read More »

How to Film a Music Video?

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How do you add music and graphics to a video off your video camera?

just use windows movie maker (it is in every windows, if not download it from ).. its very easy , if you cant use windows movie maker, you can send me the video and the music as an e-... Read More »

If you connect your video camera to the tv and you film the tv what do you see?