How to Film a Show, Edit It and Put It Online?

Answer Everyone wants to make a show in their time and maybe put it on youtube or facebook.

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How can you find an online video of Jay Leno's short film on Boston drivers that he showed on the Letterman show maybe 20 or 25 years ago?

Talking translates in Latin to "dicens" if the subject is singular, but would translate to "dicentem" if the word "talking" modifies is a singular direct object; if the subject is plural it transla... Read More »

Can I edit film on a laptop via a remote hard drive?

You can edit a film on a laptop via a remote or external hard drive. In fact, such options are more preferred especially when editing high definition (HD) footage for a film because a laptop's inte... Read More »

I got a job to edit a short film that was shot in RED, but my PC can't handle the footage, options?

Hi Stephanie: You got yourself into an editing gig way over your head, hardware-wise. Not to brow-beat you, but you say you're trying to "start a professional editing studio" but don't want to spe... Read More »

How can I transfer Digital Cassette Tape film footage to the computer to Edit?

What video editor are you using?What computer are you using?The Canon GL2 is a great miniDV based, prosumer grade, camcorder.Connect the camcorder's DV port (not USB) to the computer's firewire por... Read More »