How to Film a Play with No Adult Help?

Answer Ever wanted to film a play without any adult help? Well, here are some things to do before hand to make sure everything turns all right. Trust me, it's not all costumes and props. These are for kid... Read More »

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How to Help an Adult With Personal Hygiene?

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How can i help an adult child with their major depression?

When adults are faced with stressful situations, such as financial difficulties, health problems or the death of a loved one, the feelings of unhappiness and anger sometimes linger for many months.... Read More »

Can someone help me with my film camera?

First, what you are calling the "eye hole" is correctly called the viewfinder.Second, the K1000 only needs a battery for its light meter. All other functions are mechanical and can be used without ... Read More »

Need help with Minolta X-7 film camera?

I use and recommend Garry's Camera Repair - Although the Minolta X-7 isn't listed on his repair list he should be able to work on your camera. The only problem might be ... Read More »