How to Fill the Sinnoh Pokedex in Platinum?

Answer Pokemon Platinum has 493 creatures for you to catch and train, but in order to make them available you must first complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. To fill the regional Pokedex you only need to see the ... Read More »

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How to Fill the National Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

With the release of "Pokemon Platinum," the Sinnoh Pokedex was greatly expanded beyond "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl." Completing the National Pokedex can be a herculean task for a Pokemon t... Read More »

How to Get Cresselia on Your Pokedex on "Platinum"?

The Pokemon Cresselia is one of the legendary Pokemon you can potentially obtain in "Pokemon Platinum." Once you've beaten the Elite 4 and gathered your National Dex, you can add Cresselia. In "Pok... Read More »

How to Evolve Manaphy in Your Pokedex in "Pokemon Platinum"?

Getting the water-type legendaries Manaphy and Phione into your Pokedex can be tricky if you don't know how. While Manaphy can be bred to get Phione, Phione does not actually evolve into Manaphy, n... Read More »

How to Fill up Your Pokedex?

You desperately want something that requires the National Dex. You know you have to fill up your current Pokédex! Here is how it is done!