How to Fill the Kanto Pokedex Up in "Pokemon Fire Red"?

Answer You can encounter nearly every Pokemon from the Kanto Pokedex by battling other Pokemon trainers in "Pokemon FireRed." To get a complete listing of all 150 Pokemon needed to fill the Kanto Pokedex,... Read More »

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How to Fill the National Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

With the release of "Pokemon Platinum," the Sinnoh Pokedex was greatly expanded beyond "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl." Completing the National Pokedex can be a herculean task for a Pokemon t... Read More »

How to Beat the Second Kanto Gym Leader in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green?

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What Pokemon is number 114 in the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

Number 114 in the Pokemon Pearl Pokedex is Tangela, a grass-type Pokemon. Its face is hidden by the blue vines that surround it, and it evolves into Tangrowth, Number 465 in the Pokedex.Source:Poke... Read More »

How to Get to Kanto in "Pokemon Silver"?

Some players of the old "Pokemon Silver" game for the Gameboy Color probably missed out on the continent of Kanto because you can't get there until you've beaten the game and sat through the credit... Read More »