How to Fill a Radiator With Coolant?

Answer The coolant for most radiators is a half and half mix of water and radiator fluid. Find out how many gallons the radiator takes to fill and then proceed with filling it with the fresh radiator flui... Read More »

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How to Fill Coolant in a Hyundai?

Every engine requires a specific amount of engine coolant. Coolant, also called antifreeze or radiator fluid, circulates through your Hyundai's engine. This regulates the temperature and prevents t... Read More »

How to Add Coolant to a Radiator?

Engine coolant is stored inside the radiator and a small overflow container outside of the radiator. When the radiator is full of coolant and hot, this overflow will hold some of the coolant when t... Read More »

How to Fill an Expansion Tank With Coolant?

If the coolant in your car's radiator overflows, it goes into the coolant expansion tank. Coolant overflows when its temperature rises to over 200 degrees, which causes an immediate increase in pre... Read More »

How to Check the Radiator Coolant?

Maintaining fluid levels in your car is a habit car owners should develop. Failing to do so can lead to headaches, frustrations and vehicle damages that could have been avoided. Maintaining the pro... Read More »