How to Fill a Motorcycle Gas Tank---Straight Up or on the Kickstand?

Answer A new motorcycle rider has a lot of information to digest during his first ventures out on the bike. The abundance of information can make simple tasks, such as filling the motorcycle's gas tank, a... Read More »

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How to Remove a Motorcycle Kickstand?

A kickstand is a necessary item for almost all street-ridden motorcycles, providing a solid support for the machine while it is parked. For the most part, little attention is paid to the kickstand,... Read More »

How to Modify a Motorcycle Kickstand to Decrease Lean?

A motorcycle's kickstand supports the motorcycle while it is stationary. The kickstand is located on the left side of the bike and is attached to the lower frame rail. Occasionally, the kickstand i... Read More »

How to Fill a Gas Tank at Half Tank?

With gas prices fluctuating---and sometimes skyrocketing---these days, it's hard to know when prices will be reasonable. When gas prices are high, filling up your tank halfway allows you to get aro... Read More »

How do you fill a motorcycle with gas?

Never use the auto shutoff. It doesn't work on most bikes.Hold the tip of the nozzle about 1 inch into the opening.Fill to the end of the nozzle (about 1 inch below the filler hole).Premium is fine... Read More »