How to Fill a Chevy Rear End?

Answer A Chevy rear end or differential is filled through a plug. There is no provision for draining it, however, other than removing the rear cover. If it requires differential oil and the rear cover had... Read More »

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How to Fill a 1989 Chevy Rear End?

Filling the rear end in your Chevy after repairs or during maintenance servicing can be a little tricky. The fill plug in the 1989 Chevy rear end is in an awkward location, and spilling gear oil ca... Read More »

How to Fill a Rear Differential?

You may need to add fluid to your differential due to leaks or changing seals, or it may be time to change out the gear oil completely. Either way, it's just a few steps to fill the rear differenti... Read More »

How to Fill a Rear Differential 2006 on the F-150?

In 1975, Ford released a new pickup truck to its lineup, the F-150. With this new pickup, Ford gave its customers a middle ground between its light-duty F-100 and its heavy-duty F-250. Customers em... Read More »

How Do I Fill a 2001 Mustang's Rear End?

Checking your fluid and lubricant levels is a good practice, but most people never check the gear oil in the rear end. While the oil level in the rear end does not have to be checked very often, ch... Read More »