How to Fill a Canteen?

Answer Whether you are going on a overnight trip in the woods or crossing the Sahara desert, a canteen can save your life, if filled correctly. This will show you how to fill yours.

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What is another name for a US army canteen?

DFAC (Dining Facility). More informally, mess hall or chow hall.

An army canteen is called what?

The old US Army canteen was called a canteen. It was one quart, plastic, and could be fitted with a an NBC capo that allowed a tub to be fitted into the top and allow the soldier wearing a gas mask... Read More »

How to Make a Canteen Yard Sale?

A canteen yard sale is where you sell food and drink from your yard, just like a yard sale. Here is how to run a clean, legal, profitable canteen yard sale.

On Saturday Night Live who portrayed the character Canteen Boy?