How to Fill a Bobbin on a Singer Merritt 2404 Sewing Machine?

Answer The Singer Merritt 2404 sewing machine performs many functions and dozens of stitches, allowing the user to switch between a variety of fabrics. When switching fabrics, it is important to use the a... Read More »

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How to Set the Bobbin on a Singer Facilita Sewing Machine?

The Singer Facilita 9858 sewing machine is a basic machine that comes equipped with a top drop-in bobbin, automatic bobbin-winding features and seven basic stitch patterns. The simplicity of the ma... Read More »

How to Thread Bobbin on a Old Singer Sewing Machine?

Threading a bobbin on an old Singer sewing machine is a two-part process. Bobbins are metal spools that may or may not have holes in the sides. Many older bobbins are generic and will fit most mach... Read More »

How to Insert a Bobbin in a Kenmore Sewing Machine?

An improperly inserted bobbin will cause uneven and weak stitches, plus the lower thread of an improperly inserted bobbin can become knotted, jam up, and can even damage the inner workings of a sew... Read More »

How do I adjust the bobbin tension on my sewing machine?

Bobbin tension is not the issue with the problem you've described for your machine. Generally speaking, I don't encourage beginners to change bobbin tension just because it's pretty fiddly to get... Read More »