How to Fill Out a W-9 Form for an Irrevocable Trust?

Answer You can place funds in the care of a trustee by creating a legal trust. Some trusts are revocable, meaning that the trust grantor can change the terms of the trust at any time. If a trust is irrevo... Read More »

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LLC Vs. Irrevocable Trust?

In the area of estate planning, you can use a number of tools to help protect your assets and property. Some people put their assets into the ownership of a limited-liability company, or LLC, while... Read More »

Can you change an irrevocable trust?

On One Hand: Irrevocable Means You Lose ControlWhen you create a living trust, you must decide whether it will be revocable or irrevocable. Irrevocable trusts provide certain benefits beyond what a... Read More »

How to Transfer an IRA to an Irrevocable Trust?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a supplemental retirement savings account that is owned by one living person. As such, an irrevocable trust can not be the owner of the IRA. However, the I... Read More »

Definition of Irrevocable Trust?

An irrevocable trust is a legal arrangement that, once created, cannot be terminated or otherwise altered by the creator. Those with specific questions about trusts should contact an attorney.