How to Fill Out a Trustee's Deed?

Answer A living trust is one estate-planning method for avoiding probate court, but the living trust is invalid unless the original grantor or trustee transfers the items listed on the trust documents int... Read More »

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How do I fill out a grant deed?

Obtain the Grant Deed FormObtain a grant deed form, which transfers property from one owner to another during a real estate sale, from your local county courthouse or real estate agent.Fill Out th... Read More »

How do I fill out a quitclaim deed form?

Quitclaim deedDownload a quitclaim deed form from the Internet or go to your county tax office.In the section, "Filed for record at the request of...," write your name.Granting propertyIn the secti... Read More »

How to Fill Out a Quitclaim Deed Form in Ohio?

A quitclaim deed form transfers specific rights of ownership concerning real estate to another party. Simply completing and filing a quitclaim deed form in the state of Ohio does not necessarily gr... Read More »

What is the difference between a deed without warranty& a quit-claim deed?

A deed is executed anytime property ownership changes. Deeds may or may not provide a warranty that the land is free and clear of any liens or other owners. Deeds without warranty and quit-claim de... Read More »