How to Fill Out a Personal Financial Statement?

Answer Lenders will often request a personal financial statement to support the decision to maintain or extend additional funds on a credit line. A Certified Public Accountant or representatives from a lo... Read More »

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How Do I Create a Personal Financial Statement?

A bank or other lending institution will require you to submit a personal financial statement when you apply for any type of loan. The process of preparing a personal financial statement is also an... Read More »

What is a UCC financial statement?

UCC stands for Uniform Commercial Code. The financing statement is a document that is filed to show that a security interest has been taken in a particular piece of property or equipment.Significan... Read More »

What does mrq mean on a financial statement?

On financial statements, MRQ stands for Most Recent Quarter. Entries that note MRQ refer to the previous quarter. Alternate notations refer to other periods. For instance, TTM refers to the previou... Read More »

What does SGA mean on a financial statement?

SGA, most commonly shown as SG&A, on a financial statement refers to the total of all sales, general and administrative expenses. SG&A gets reported on a company's income statement and is typically... Read More »