How to Fill Empty Vitamin Capsules?

Answer Vitamin capsules are small, hollow containers made of a water-soluble gelatinous material. Manufacturers put loose vitamin supplements into these capsules to create pills. You can purchase empty vi... Read More »

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Do vitamin E capsules really help with a gum infection?

Only if you are lacking vitamin e in the beginningthe best one to advise you is your dentist.You should be able to get the amount you need by eating a varied and balanced diet. But if you decide to... Read More »

Do Vitamin E Gel Capsules Help Acne Scars?

Pure vitamin E gel capsules have been shown to dramatically reduce the appearance of acne scars as well as other scars. The reason why vitamin E is so effective is because vitamin E contains regene... Read More »

Can you take flaxseed capsules, multi vitamin, and linwoods milled flax ...etc?

You can buy why?It is a billion dollar business!Everyday Health, Consumer Reports,, CNN Health/herbal-supplements, for consumers protect yourself health fraud, Vogue Dec. 2010 and... Read More »

Jujube Fruit (675 mg. capsules) OR Jujube Extract (250 mg. capsules) better for relief of stress and insomnia?