How to Fill Drive Fluid in Mercruisers?

Answer All the gear oil in a Mercruiser outdrive is located in the lower unit below the cavitation plate. A good time to change the drive fluid is prior to a new boating season. You should change the wate... Read More »

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How to Fill the Transmission Fluid?

Adding transmission fluid to your car or light truck is a common part of any vehicle-maintenance routine. Most cars and light trucks follow the same procedure. It is always a good habit to check fl... Read More »

How to Fill Mazda MX-4 Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your Mazda MX-4's entire transmission system. The MX-4 is designed with a sealed transmission, which means that the fluid that is in it when it rolls off the ... Read More »

How to Fill Lexus ES 300 With Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is necessary to not only allow the transmission to shift through the gears, but also to cool the transmission. Over time, the chemical properties of the transmission's fluid begi... Read More »

How to Fill a Manual Transmission With Fluid?

Checking and refilling the manual transmission fluid on your car is part of the maintenance service schedule that keeps your car in good working condition. The procedure is simple but varies depend... Read More »