How to Fill Drive Fluid in Mercruisers?

Answer All the gear oil in a Mercruiser outdrive is located in the lower unit below the cavitation plate. A good time to change the drive fluid is prior to a new boating season. You should change the wate... Read More »

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How to Fill the Transmission Fluid?

Adding transmission fluid to your car or light truck is a common part of any vehicle-maintenance routine. Most cars and light trucks follow the same procedure. It is always a good habit to check fl... Read More »

How to Flush & Fill Transmission Fluid?

Flushing and filling the transmission fluid in your vehicle is a service that should be done every 30,000 miles or the recommended interval found in your vehicle's owner's manual. If you are handy ... Read More »

How to Fill the Transmission Fluid on a Ford F-250?

The Ford F-250 truck is a 3/4-ton pickup. That means the cargo-carrying capacity--the amount of cargo that the pickup is capable of carrying in its cargo bed--is three-quarters of a ton, or 1,500 p... Read More »

How to Fill the Transmission Fluid in a 2004 CTS?

In years past when Cadillac decided to step out of its comfort zone – comfortable land yachts – it didn’t go too well. These experiments resulted in the debacles known as the Cadillac Cimarro... Read More »