How to Fill Canteens?

Answer Canteens are portable water bottles used for hydration while camping, hiking or serving in the military. To keep the canteen in good condition, curb bacteria and keep the contents tasting fresh, yo... Read More »

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Are canteens issued in Afghanistan?

Standard canteens are not issued to troops in Afghanistan due to design impracticalities. Since 2005, the U.S. military has made standard the CamelBak hydration system that complements the soldiers... Read More »

What is the Wear time for Navy Canteens?

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How to Fill Out an Adobe Application Without Having to Print & Fill in by Hand?

Adobe's "Portable Document Format" (PDF) is among the best-known ways to store and send files like brochures and job applications. If you print your PDF files and write in your information, however... Read More »

Where do you fill your prescriptions Do you fill more than one and if so?

Yes. Teresa I use Costco now..I was paying $145.00 for 2 scripts..then I saw on tv, telling people to call and get prices...OMG! I now pay $38.00 for the same 2! It really pays to shop around.