How to Filet a Rockfish?

Answer Rockfish is another name for striped bass, or a "striper". Native to the East Coast, rockfish, or striped bass are a highly sought-after fish in North America. It is a fairly meaty fish with a rich... Read More »

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What is a rockfish?

Rockfish are a type of bass that are a favorite of fisherman. Since 1965, the rockfish has been the state fish of Maryland. Rockfish are very common in the waters within this state.NamesRockfish ... Read More »

What do rockfish eat?

The 100-plus species of rockfish are members of the scorpion fish order. Their taxonomic and geographic diversity corresponds to a relatively universal diet.BackgroundThe majority of rockfish live ... Read More »

Types of Rockfish?

Colorful rockfish with stripes, spots and descriptive names such as "dark dusky rockfish" and "half-banded rockfish," are among the oldest fish in the world; some live as long as 205 years. Types o... Read More »

How to Cook Rockfish?

Rockfish might look ugly swimming in the ocean, but their lean flesh tastes pleasingly nutty. Look for whole fresh fish with clear, bright eyes and a smell like the ocean, or fresh or frozen rockfi... Read More »