How to File for Temporary Custody in California?

Answer Custody battles are often unpleasant for everyone involved. In the event of a separation or divorce, custody issues must be addressed. In family law cases regarding child custody in California, cou... Read More »

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Where to file for temporary custody?

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How to File for Temporary Custody in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, an Order for Temporary Custody grants one parent primary physical custody of a couple’s minor children during the couple’s divorce proceedings. The main goals of a temporary... Read More »

How to File for Temporary Custody in the State of Wisconsin?

Child custody disputes are often the worst part of any divorce. In the state of Wisconsin, temporary custody is usually awarded before a permanent custody order is established. It is important to t... Read More »

How to File for Full Custody in California?

In California, you must take several steps to file for full custody of a child. First, you must find the court nearest you that handles child custody cases (see Resources). Then you'll need to go t... Read More »