How to File for Full Custody?

Answer Full custody implies a delegation of all parental rights to only 1 parent. There are 2 types of custody-legal and physical-and they are both specified in a child custody agreement. Legal custody pe... Read More »

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How to File for Full Custody in Virginia?

The commonwealth of Virginia permits a court to order different types of custody in family law cases. These include joint custody and sole or full custody. Pursuant to Virginia law, the preferred c... Read More »

How to File for Full Custody in California?

In California, you must take several steps to file for full custody of a child. First, you must find the court nearest you that handles child custody cases (see Resources). Then you'll need to go t... Read More »

What should a parent who is seeking full custody be prepared for in a custody hearing?

Answer When parents share joint custody major decisions concerning the child(ren) must be agreed on by both. This includes moving the child(ren) out of the state jurisdiction where custody was awar... Read More »

Can you lose custody of your child if you are the one with full custody?

Yes. You can lose custody if you are reported to the court for any manner of child endangerment or neglect which may include any of the following factors that are used to declare a parent unfit: ph... Read More »