How to File for Full Custody?

Answer Full custody implies a delegation of all parental rights to only 1 parent. There are 2 types of custody-legal and physical-and they are both specified in a child custody agreement. Legal custody pe... Read More »

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How to File for Full Custody in California?

In California, you must take several steps to file for full custody of a child. First, you must find the court nearest you that handles child custody cases (see Resources). Then you'll need to go t... Read More »

How to File for Full Custody in Virginia?

The commonwealth of Virginia permits a court to order different types of custody in family law cases. These include joint custody and sole or full custody. Pursuant to Virginia law, the preferred c... Read More »

If you have full physical custody but joint legal custody can your ex have the child baptized without your permission?

Answer That depends on whether it is stated in your parenting agreement as to who has the right to make religious decisions. Is it addressed? Is decision making joint? If this issue is not addresse... Read More »

If a mother with a child enters rehab to fix her problems can the father get full custody where they already have joint custody?

It really depends. I think that the mother and father should have full custody. I say this because the mother is doing this to get better, for the benefit of her kids. Some might argue that she sho... Read More »