How to File for Divorce in New Jersey?

Answer Like all other lawsuits, New Jersey divorces must be filed in civil court. It is up to the filing party to make sure all relevant laws and procedural requirements are met before filing for divorce.... Read More »

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How do I file for divorce in New Jersey?

Complaint for DivorceGo to the civil courthouse in the county where you live, where your spouse lives or where you lived together as a couple. A form for a Complaint for Divorce is available there,... Read More »

How to Prepare for a Divorce in New Jersey?

Preparing for a divorce can be a time-consuming and emotionally taxing process. In the midst of coping with this significant life event, you'll have to accomplish the necessary steps to ensure your... Read More »

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce in New Jersey?

Legal separation and divorce differ in New Jersey on several levels. If a couple wishes to divorce, they must file a complaint with the court in their county. If the court grants the divorce, the e... Read More »

How to File for Divorce in BC?

The Supreme Court of British Columbia grants divorces to couples based on the relevant laws of the province. In order to file a petition for the dissolution of marriage with the British Columbia Su... Read More »