How to File an Appeal on a Magistrate's Judgment?

Answer A magistrate presides over a district court in which both civil and criminal cases can be heard. The magistrate court is a trial court; therefore you can appeal the magistrate's judgment to a super... Read More »

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How to File an Appeal of Eviction Judgment?

All states provide an appeals period after an eviction judgment. A tenant who wishes to challenge the judgment amount can also file an appeal. Each state has a limit on the amount of time a tenant... Read More »

How to File an Appeal on an Eviction Judgment in North Carolina?

If a tenant fails to pay rent, the landlord can take him to court and have him evicted. Once this eviction has taken place, the tenant must leave the residence. However, if you think the judge made... Read More »

How to Appeal a Judgment Without an Attorney?

Appealing a judgment against you in small claims court doesn't require an attorney. In fact, small claims courts are simplified so that citizens can handle the entire process on their own. As the d... Read More »

How to Appeal an Adverse Judgment?

When you have to appear in court for a judgment on a lawsuit between two parties, the judge that your case is assigned to will listen to your side, the other person's side and to any witnesses for ... Read More »