How to File a Stipulation of Judgment?

Answer In law, the word "stipulation" typically means that parties in a lawsuit have reached an agreement. A judgment is the final document filed in a court case. It generally indicates the matter is clo... Read More »

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How to File a Judgment?

If someone owes you money for previous or current debt, then a judgment can be filed. After seeking to reach the debtor by correspondence without success, the last option usually is the judicial sy... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy for a judgment against you?

A person has the choice of filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges debt while a Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires you t... Read More »

How to File an Appeal on a Magistrate's Judgment?

A magistrate presides over a district court in which both civil and criminal cases can be heard. The magistrate court is a trial court; therefore you can appeal the magistrate's judgment to a super... Read More »

Can one file bankruptcy before or after a judgment is entered?

You can file for bankruptcy both before and after a judgment is entered. The date of the judgment has no bearing on your bankruptcy claim. Judgment liens on your assets, however, can only be avoide... Read More »