How to File a Schedule D Tax Form?

Answer Rightly or wrongly, many taxpayers have it ingrained in their minds that America's tax system is overly complex. Unfortunately, Schedule D plays into this narrative because it is widely considered ... Read More »

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Do I have to file Schedule C to file form 8582?

Form 8582, which is designed to aid in computation of passive activity losses, needs to have its result reported out on a schedule to your 1040. Depending on the activity that led to the loss, you... Read More »

When do you have to file a Schedule B with Form 1040?

The Schedule B form is a tax form for business owners who have paid employees. This form reports your federal employment tax liabilities to the Internal Revenue Service. You must file this schedule... Read More »

What is a Schedule C form?

The Schedule C is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form designed to be attached to to a 1040 tax return in order to demonstrate profit or loss from a sole proprietorship business. In addition, bec... Read More »

IRS Form Schedule C-EZ Instructions?

The Internal Revenue Service requires people who have self-employment income or earnings from working as an independent contractor to complete forms to determine their taxable income. If you have b... Read More »