How to File a Motion to Withdraw a Case From Court?

Answer Civil lawsuits are common. People sue because of broken contracts, broken cars or broken hearts. A lawsuit is started by filing a summons and complaint with a court and serving --- delivering --- a... Read More »

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How to File a Court Motion in the State of Ohio?

A motion is a document filed with a court for a case that is currently pending or a case that has been disposed of already. A motion can be filed in a civil case or a criminal case in the state of ... Read More »

How to File a Motion for an Eviction Case in Maryland?

An eviction occurs when a tenant, whether in a residential or commercial building, is unable to pay the monthly rent amount on time, or if the tenant breaks the rules and regulations established wi... Read More »

How to File a Court Motion to Lift Garnishment of Wages?

"A wage garnishment -- more properly referred to as a wage reduction order, is the use of legal process by the judgment creditor, after judgment, to attach a portion of the judgment debtor's wages,... Read More »

How Do I File a Motion in the Worcester District Court for Small Claims?

The Massachusetts court system is divided into 62 districts. Within each district is a small claims court that handles civil monetary disputes. The document you file with the court is referred to a... Read More »