How to File a Motion to Stop a Judgment?

Answer Everyone knows it is a costly matter to have a court judgment made against you. It can also be damaging to your credit rating. If a court has entered a judgment against you, there are options tha... Read More »

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How to File a Motion for a Default Judgment?

A default judgment is one which is entered in favor of the plaintiff in the absence of the defendant. These types of judgments take place when a defendant has refused to appear to defend a lawsuit ... Read More »

How to File a Motion to Have a Judgment Vacated in Nevada Civil Court?

Civil lawsuits in Nevada must follow the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure. Nevada's civil procedure rules, modeled after the federal rules of civil procedure, explain how to serve legal documents, h... Read More »

How to Write a Motion to Set Aside a Divorce Default Judgment in Michigan?

In a divorce action in the state of Michigan, the plaintiff must serve the respondent (spouse) with the complaint for divorce and a summons that notifies the respondent that the divorce action has ... Read More »

How to File a Judgment?

If someone owes you money for previous or current debt, then a judgment can be filed. After seeking to reach the debtor by correspondence without success, the last option usually is the judicial sy... Read More »