How to File a Motion in Kentucky?

Answer In Kentucky, district courts handle small claims, civil cases involving less than $4,000 in damages, juvenile matters, probate, traffic violations and misdemeanors. If you are in a civil dispute th... Read More »

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How to File a Slow Pay Motion?

A slow pay motion is a great tool for people who are facing wage garnishment for debts. The process is simple but does require some basic preparation. A slow pay motion will stop the wage garnishme... Read More »

How to File a Motion to Stop a Judgment?

Everyone knows it is a costly matter to have a court judgment made against you. It can also be damaging to your credit rating. If a court has entered a judgment against you, there are options tha... Read More »

How to File a Motion to Convert to Chapter 7?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy doesn't meet everyone's needs. If you cannot adhere to the strict repayment plan for up to five years, or your income levels are lower now than they were when you initially fi... Read More »

How to File a Motion for a Default Judgment?

A default judgment is one which is entered in favor of the plaintiff in the absence of the defendant. These types of judgments take place when a defendant has refused to appear to defend a lawsuit ... Read More »