How to File a Motion for an Eviction Case in Maryland?

Answer An eviction occurs when a tenant, whether in a residential or commercial building, is unable to pay the monthly rent amount on time, or if the tenant breaks the rules and regulations established wi... Read More »

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How to File a Motion to Withdraw a Case From Court?

Civil lawsuits are common. People sue because of broken contracts, broken cars or broken hearts. A lawsuit is started by filing a summons and complaint with a court and serving --- delivering --- a... Read More »

Maryland Eviction Process After Foreclosure?

In tough economic times foreclosure can become a very real possibility for many homeowners. Luckily for Maryland residents, as of April 4, 2008, Maryland adopted new laws to give additional time to... Read More »

How to Appeal a Lost Eviction Case?

When a landlord wishes a tenant to vacate the rental premises she files an eviction proceeding. A hearing is then held and a judge decides whether to grant the landlord the eviction. If granted, th... Read More »

How do you answer a motion to dismiss on a child custody case?

This would be different in almost every state. Basically, if the well-being of your children is important, you really should get a lawyer to review the motion and file a response to it. In many ar... Read More »