How to File a Lawsuit In Arizona?

Answer If you have a dispute with another person, you can sue them. In Arizona, the court you use will vary by the type of dispute and where you live. You can sue Arizona residents if you're from another ... Read More »

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How to File a Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit is not something to do just because you need money, or because you want revenge on someone who hurt you. The only good reason to file a lawsuit is if you have a legitimate problem ... Read More »

How to File a Dog Food Lawsuit?

Dog food companies have added potentially harmful chemicals to dog food in the past, causing severe illness or death in dogs. The most famous and widespread cases occurred in 2007, where it is beli... Read More »

How to File a Slander Lawsuit?

Slander falls under the legal category of personal injury within civil, or tort, law. Slander is a subcategory of defamation, which happens when someone attacks your good character. The only defens... Read More »

How do I file a lawsuit for a wrongful eviction?

Hire an AttorneyCall an attorney as soon as you find out your landlord is planning to evict you. Of all the avenues you have open to you, this one is the easiest to follow. If your landlord has bro... Read More »